Corrosion Engineering Conslutants

Patrick Raabe, NACE CP Specialist

Corrosion Engineering Consultants has worldwide experience in the design, installation and testing of all types of cathodic protection systems in a variety of conditions.  We specialize in biddable design packages, complete with design calculations, construction drawings, materials and construction specifications, and bill of materials.

Asset Protection from
Experienced Engineers

Our corrosion engineers have inspected and analyzed cathodic protection systems on all types of metallic piping, tanks and marine structures. Our services include pre-design corrosion assessments, CP system design, review of contractor submittals, CP system installations, and third party review of data and testing procedures. 

Infrastructure Testing and Troubleshooting

CEC has over 25 years of CP system diagnostic testing on all types of system throughout the world.  We have experience in CP system troubleshooting for oil, gas and water pipelines, above ground storage tanks, power plants, energy facilities, deep well pipeline systems, underground storage tank farms, and other infrastructure assets.

Construction Services

Corrosion Engineering Consultants installs galvanic and impressed current cathodic protection systems, from shallow distributed systems, under tank systems, to anode deepwells, as well as AC touch and step potential mitigation systems.

Cathodic Protection Materials

We work with partners in all facets of the corrosion industry. We can provide turnkey design-build systems to suit your needs as well as a wide range of cathodic protection materials.  Click the Contact Us link and let's discuss how Corrosion Engineering Consultants can be your partner for pipeline and asset integrity.